Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy new year

I see you might be thinking "Where is Dig!Build!Defend!" well I'm tiding up this blog, since I have a gazillion different games to finish, I might as well add them all here.

New years resolution:

- Finish Game dev school.
- Do more with homeless simulator.
- Fix up all my demos so they run better.
- Attempt to get more work done on my game engine
- Port cyberfall to phone, because it's fun and I want to play it on my phone

Then more portfolio work, try and get more posts here instead of once a year, since I've stopped working on the engine, I'll have to start that back up again at a later date.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Well people keep using this blog so...
Why not make it about the technicality of "Juicygen" which is my XNA engine I've been trying to develop for quite a few years.

This will be it's 6th iteration!, but now it has proper physics, I'm partially overhauling the farseer plugin to work with what I need and adding in AABB basic collision because you see, with physical based stuff it's going to check the ground for collisions, you can't turn it off, but you can ignore the collisions and make use of basic AABB collisions for the player while you're on flat ground.

I will tidy up this blog in a month or so, as it's all outdated and old, I will use tumblr for game updates, because I feel people might be interested in how an engine is made or what I'm up to, instead of showing a video where -nothing- visually new is shown, and I may have overhauled, or placed some basic work.

Why a few months?

Check the tumblr but basically I need my schoolwork to be done before anymore game dev can happen.

I'm already missing working on this engine so much, I'm itching to get back and some actual games out, but, when my schools done I'll be a better person for working on the engine itself, and this is better for everyone, even the art guy I've neglected for a few years saying I will finish a project when I push it aside, it's all been learning though.


I'll be updating this again because apparently 80 people viewed this blog on jan 6th.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

I use TUMBLR now.

Add me, see my latest works, it's more popular than here, I still get page views so, I'm leaving this up.

DBD will be back in action soon enough, I have actual decent mechanics now.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013



Don't think this gamemode is the real thing, it's a prototype test, there's a lot behind it all that I have disabled.

Such as:
-World exploran
-Galaxy exploran
-Bunch of other goodies.

Let me know if you find a bug other than the game over screen not focusing the mech.

You need XNA installed, here take this:

It's an installer with a 100% working chance.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Late sunday/monday Update #10

Sorry for the delay in update, I've been full on in my RL job. I'm trying to get this done for christmas, but at this rate it's going to take me a year to finish DBD, because I like to polish and quality control what I put out.

This update this week!

  • Moving AI.
  • Fixed some AI things
  • New place holder? ore.
  • Bunch of other performance fixes.
I might of left out a few things, this week I'll be working on some AI (Make it follow the player and attack player so there's a bit of a game there).

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Weeks after the storm late sunday/monday edition Update #9

I know I'm sorry to those that have been WAITING to see what I've been working on, well here's a list of working things that are done in the game now.

  • Enemies
  • Mech tinker
  • Multi mech control
  • It now uses 50megs of ram
  • It's 1 meg in filesize
  • Optimized
  • Bunch of UI stuff done
Getting enemies to work now, so you can be invaded, also upgrades need work, and graphical effect, lots of graphical effects and ACTION!

I failed to do my part of a weekly update, I'm sorry guys.