Tuesday, March 26, 2013




Don't think this gamemode is the real thing, it's a prototype test, there's a lot behind it all that I have disabled.

Such as:
-World exploran
-Galaxy exploran
-Bunch of other goodies.

Let me know if you find a bug other than the game over screen not focusing the mech.

You need XNA installed, here take this: http://www.impliedgames.com/website/trashuploads/1364355199.rar

It's an installer with a 100% working chance.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Late sunday/monday Update #10

Sorry for the delay in update, I've been full on in my RL job. I'm trying to get this done for christmas, but at this rate it's going to take me a year to finish DBD, because I like to polish and quality control what I put out.

This update this week!

  • Moving AI.
  • Fixed some AI things
  • New place holder? ore.
  • Bunch of other performance fixes.
I might of left out a few things, this week I'll be working on some AI (Make it follow the player and attack player so there's a bit of a game there).

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Weeks after the storm late sunday/monday edition Update #9

I know I'm sorry to those that have been WAITING to see what I've been working on, well here's a list of working things that are done in the game now.

  • Enemies
  • Mech tinker
  • Multi mech control
  • It now uses 50megs of ram
  • It's 1 meg in filesize
  • Optimized
  • Bunch of UI stuff done
Getting enemies to work now, so you can be invaded, also upgrades need work, and graphical effect, lots of graphical effects and ACTION!

I failed to do my part of a weekly update, I'm sorry guys.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Late Sunday/Monday Update #8

So I took a small break from DBD to work on a city building idea I've got.

This is the generator, blue = water, brown = dirt, green = grass, dark green = forest.

I could attach a height map to this and export it to 3d but that will be for another time.

Notes on DBD: I'm more so waiting for Ian and Rick to do the art, which it needs, a lot of the main game is done, I won't release anything until this art is all in and we have gameplay mechanics.

Expect a video very soon (Christmas?)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Late Sunday/Monday Update #7

Getting more time to work on this is amazing!

I got part of a new pc too!

I'm currently working out a solution to abilities, to be able to mod your mech, so far it goes something like this:
Ability[CurrentAbility].name = "dig";
Ability[CurrentAbility].mod1 = "fire";
Ability[CurrentAbility].mod2 = "fire";
Ability[CurrentAbility].mod3 = "fire";

if (Ability[CurrentAbility].mod1 = "fire" && Ability[CurrentAbility].mod2 = "fire" && Ability[CurrentAbility].mod3 = "fire")
 Ability[CurrentAbility].combinedmods = "inferno"+name;
if (Ability[CurrentAbility].combinedmods == "infernodig")
// Inferno dig code here

But this looks terrible, I'm not really sure how I want to go about it, I'll whip up something though, and maybe leave it till more content is in the game, I want a beta copy up ASAP, so I can show you guys my idea and how it FEELS.

Games are all about the feel for me.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ultra Late Sunday/Monday Update #6

My apologies to everyone, sometimes RL holds you back from stuff you need to do, in this case I haven't managed to get a lot done this week, but I am cleaning my work area (note: office) at home and brought some new computer parts because my current ATI card keeps blue screening.

So tomorrow I'll be re organising my work habit and area.

So here have a screenshot of some place holder stuff.

I might get rid of the buildings and have everything accessible via the queen, seeing as this is a 'hive' concept, I do have NEW ui's coming, but since we're all working for nothing, all of us have to support ourselves.

I do usually have an explosions of ideas when I play through my own idea, and how to improve, what can make this enjoyable for everyone.

And I refuse to do a kickstarter, I have no use for that money, unless it was 2 million to start a game company and get everyone on board on what we needed to do, and I highly doubt it could get funded, I could always try, but I might do it after this game is made, to show people we're not a scam or something.

For what ever happens, I'll always be here developing projects, even if it's solo or what ever, I enjoy it.

Once I have more of a game together I'll do a NEW video, it all needs to be updated.