Friday, July 8, 2011

Update to the installer

I will no longer be using an installer with DBD, rather a .rar file.

So now you will want to do the following:

How to install:
  1. Install XNA 4.0 (Link to the right)
  2. Download Dig! Build! Defend!
  3. Unzip/Unrar to a location
  4. That location is your install location!
How to uninstall:
  1. Goto the install location
  2. Delete the file
It's all very simple now!

The reason for this XNA and Clickonce do NOT go well, it's the reason for the alt+tab crash and various other bugs.

I might program an installer at a later date, this should be fine.

Steam also works and doesn't crash, it has done this all for me, as it should be fine for everyone.

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