Sunday, January 22, 2012

• Update now works, just use this downloader to get the LATEST VERSION! (Place holder buttons are being used.
• Updater is the only thing i'm releasing to update now we have a live updater, here's how to use it:

  1. Download the file
  2. Unzip to a directory of your choice
  3. Run Dig Build Defend Loader.exe
  4. Click update stable or unstable
  5. Click Run!
Easy! (I think the stable version is broken for now)


• Starting mech is purposly bad to use
• Ending mech is purposy overpowered
• Hitting W and S not longer makes the arm spaz out
• Players can now goto the surface and recharge their fuel
• Player Now gets a "Low Fuel" text above their mech to return to the surface and refuel...or not

• Players Chasis upgrade is now implemented
• Upgrading the chasis now lowers the overheat cooldown

• Players Flamethrower upgrade is now implemented
• Players Flamethrower now consumes more fuel
• Players Flamethrower is now stronger with each upgrad

• Players Movement now consumes more fuel

• Players Booster upgrade is now implemented
• Players Booster now consumes more fuel
• Upgrading the booster will recharge the fuel up on the surface quicker
• Upgrading the booster will lower the consumption fuel of the flamethrower
• Upgrading the booster will lower the consumption fuel of the movement
• Upgrading the booster will lower the consumption fuel of the booster

• All wood has more HP

• All Dirt now has more HP
• All Dirt now demolises correctly

• All Tin ore now has more HP
• All Tin now demolises with the dirt behind it

• All Gold ore now has more HP
• All Gold now demolises with the dirt behind it

• All Diamond ore now has more HP
• All Diamond now demolises with the dirt behind it

New Game
• Reloading a new game now clears forcefields
• Reload game now clears the build selection

Buildable Items

• Items can no longer be built underground

Mines L1
• Working and placeable
• Now with more damage!

Turret L1
• Working and placeable

Force Field L1
• No interaction and placeable

• Trees no longer disappear on loading the level
• Trees no longer disappear after round ends

• Cows Now have more HP
• Cows Now do not get locked on structures
• Cows Do not run off to the left

Dev Mode
• You can now see the mouse cursor in dig mode
• You can now see the planet health, Fixed a varible with it
• Enabled the countdown timer again

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Incoming Rant

Alright, so I took the donations off the blog, I'm going to stand my ground on this and say a few things. 

Here at >impliedgames, we structure the games we develop on FUN, not money, like massive corporations, I'm deadly serious, I would much rather get a joy out of people PLAYING what we make, enjoying it, than to make a few dollars, sure it would be nice to do this for a living, but if you like to actually MAKE GAMES, PEOPLE SHOULD NOT BE ASKING FOR DONATION CONSTANTLY, I see this happening more and more, people forking out their hard or not so hard earned cash to INDIE PROJECTS THAT ARE NOT EVEN MADE YET, I don't care how big or little the purchase is made.

To me the act of BUYING SOMETHING is to say "Hey, that product is great, I want to see future projects and ideas come from this company". It's why I have NO ISSUE with people pirating, and then buying later.

This has saved me from buying games, dungeon siege 3 for example, the keyboard and mouse setup was horrendous on PC, it goes something like this:

You charge through a guy with the melee character, and you want to turn around, good luck spending 10 seconds to hit the guy behind you because your character rotates around like he's got leg cramps, the combat was terrible, anyway enough on that, to each their own.

The point I'm trying to make is, You spend your hard earn cash on a product, you expect it to be GOOD, this funds future products, what if the game was terrible? that's ALMOST the same as:

if you hired out a cleaner that, you hear from a friend is good, the cleaner can be seen as a video game, they're both got a job to do, the cleaner to clean your house, and the video game to entertain you, both are a service, both you have expectations, not knowing what you're gonna get.

Say the cleaner does a bad job, you just invested more money into that company, what if a mass amount of people hire her service and she's able to stay in business, cleaning peoples houses badly.

The same can be said for a bad video game, you pay for a video game, it should uphold to a quality standard, instead of mass produced trash, that ALOT of people are getting away with.


We aim to make nothing but quality, might not be the best, but just damn fun video games. It's not a hard thing to work a job then come home and build a game, I'm doing that right now.

What if we eventually go to steam? If we ever decide to charge for ANYGAME, they will be at an affordable price, perhaps, a try before you buy, we'll figure something out, I hate DLC, EXPENSIVE GAMES as much as the next guy, more so, that I live in Australia.

Also, I want more from you guys, ideas, help us shape up what we do, DBD's loader has a feedback.